The Denia police sanctioned 44 people in one day

SHOWING that the State of Emergency confinement rules have moved well beyond the advisory stage, the Denia police sanctioned 44 people on Wednesday (1 April) for various breaches. Details of 20 of these were sent to the media and included the following: 1. Someone found walking in the small hours, ordered to go home and spotted out again half an hour later. 2. Two people travelling in the same car,...


Fishing frenzy

AN unexpected outcome from the recent storms is a glut of fish being caught by anglers fishing off Denia’s beaches. Storm Gloria destroyed a large number of the cages that offshore fish farms use to store their stock, and while many perished in the storm a number have ended up being hooked by lucky fishermen. However, there are environmental concerns that the hundreds of thousands of bream and other...


Dolphins ahoy!

POSSIBLY brought in by the warm weather, several pods of dolphins were spotted close to the Denia shore last week. The University of Valencia were monitoring the waters last week and think that they are three separate family groups of the bottlenose genre. The university is studying the waters throughout 2020, monitoring for plastics, water quality and less common sea creatures. People coming across...

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