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Deal on British driver’s licences “may be related to Gibraltar pact”

SPAIN seeks an agreement with Britain Diplomatic sources have suggested that the problem may be related to a larger agreement that is being negotiated between Britain and Spain and includes the post-Brexit rights of British citizens living in Spain. This suggestion comes as British expats take to social media to express their outrage that their UK driving licences aren't any longer valid in...

UK driving licence in Spain

Spain wants an agreement with the UK on Gibraltar and driving licences that is comparable to the one before Brexit

According to sources in the Spanish Foreign Ministry, they have faith that Liz Truss can secure a post-Brexit agreement that will benefit foreign nationals who reside in both countries. The Spanish government has stated that it wants to establish a "new relationship" with the UK after Brexit and with the new Liz Truss-led UK government, in which a final agreement on Gibraltar is soon reached within the...

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