Spanish wine don’t throw it away

THOUGH some people may not be having any trouble with leftover wine at the moment, others still find there is the odd glass or two that has gone past its best, which is apparently within 24 hours of opening the bottle. Make sure you don’t throw it away though, there are plenty of uses for this versatile product. The most obvious is cooking, add a good splash to any red sauce such as a Bolognese as well as stews and casseroles. Freeze some down in an ice-cube tray and you can take it out as you need it in the future for cooking rather than open a fresh bottle. For something different, try red wine jam. Boil up about 350ml with 200 grams of sugar, a star anise and all-spice. Once it has turned to syrup consistency, sieve into a jar and pop in the fridge. Away from consumption, wine makes a good cleaning product, removing grease stains and even limescale (apply and leave for 30 minutes) due to the high acidity. Finally, it is good for plants, just add to compost.

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