Spain’s government indicate end of lockdown

WHILE the extension to the current lockdown is almost inevitable barring a U-turn from opposition parties, a senior government minster has given the first real hope that there will be a loosening of restrictions after the 26 April. Finance Minister Maria Jesus Montero said today (Wednesday) that citizens will be able to start resuming their normal life – subject to certain conditions. Ms Montero gave little hard detail, saying it was dependant on an extensive testing programme and a continued improvement in infection rates. In an interview on TV station Antena 3 she said “We cannot take anything for granted at this time, only the extension until April 26. From there the de-escalation will develop and citizens will gradually be able to get back to, in an orderly way, normal life in an orderly manner, so that there are no new peaks and no return to the infections.” The nationwide testing will start with 60,000 people in nursing homes, those feared to be ill and random sampling to give an overview of the extent of the problem at the end of the month.

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