SPAIN´S Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, has said that the demographic shift in Britain three years after its decision to leave the European Union could tip the scales in favour of remaining should a second referendum be held.
The UK voted by a narrow margin in June 2016 to leave the EU but the Westminster politicians have been mired in disagreements on how to manage Brexit, with increasing calls for a second referendum to break the deadlock.
Spain has a keen interest in the eventual outcome of the saga, with many exports, especially of food products, going to the UK, whilst the Spanish economy depends heavily on tourism with Britons being the most numerous foreign visitors, as well as 300 thousand expats registered as living in the country.
Borrell said another referendum did not guarantee a different outcome. But a rise in the number of eligible young voters, who tended to vote remain, and a fall in the number of older voters, more likely to choose Brexit, could tip the balance, he said.
“It’s true that, with young people in favour of remaining and older people leaving, just through the passing of these three years, with the demographic dynamics as they are, I’m sure the result would be different,” Borrell told Telecinco on Wednesday.

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