Olive trees on trend

IF you want to ensure that your house is following the 2020 trends you could be in the right place as olive trees have entered the list for the first time. Referring to the smaller potted indoor variety the “Good Housekeeping” magazine praised the olive’s “subtle sophisticated sage colouring” replacing the more garish fiddle fig from the 2019 compilation. Number one is vintage accents, which encompasses vintage details such as spooled legs and spindles on otherwise contemporary furniture. Other trends include navy blue, floral wallpaper, non-white kitchens, canopy beds, art in the kitchen, curved sofas and free standing bath-tubs. Good Housekeeping is a UK production but, of course, with the rise of online shopping and Europe wide retailers such as Ikea it has never been easier to replicate UK buying trends in Spain – if you want to.

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