Mosquitoes not a source of virus, WHO confirms

AS usual, the first warm weather of the year has brought unwelcome guests to Spain, mosquitoes. Southern Spain in particular has noted a big jump in their numbers and the usual measures are being taken to minimise their effects. However, many are concerned that their bites may be spreading the coronavirus at a time when it finally seems to be under control. Reassuringly this week the World Health Organisation confirmed in an official statement that this was not the case. "The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is a respiratory virus that spreads mainly by contact with an infected person through respiratory droplets that are generated when this person coughs or sneezes, for example, or through droplets of saliva or secretions from the nose. To date there is no information or evidence that indicate that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes”. To avoid mosquitoes and other pests on your property ensure that there is nothing lying around with water in it – overturned plant pots, feeding troughs, wells, blocked drains, swimming pools etc. Moving water is generally ok and try and keep outside areas as clean as possible.

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