“I will survive” singer shares Valencian memories

“I will survive” singer shares Valencian memories
GLORIA Gaynor, whose global disco smash “I will survive” has become something of an anthem once again during the current crisis, has posted memories on social media of her visit to a Valencian school in 2016. The US singer was in the city for a major summer festival and made the time to visit the Luis Vives state school, something which clearly left an impression. On her Twitter account she wrote “During these challenging times, I'm flashing back on this Friday to share with you this wonderful & positive moment in 2016 when I visited the incredible students and teachers of the Luis Vives de Valencia School in Spain!” accompanied with a picture and followed by the hashtag #wewill survive. Ms Gaynor has around 40,000 followers on Twitter, mainly in the US. “I will survive” was released at the height of the disco era in 1978 and sold 14 million copies, an early feminist anthem also quickly taken up by the LGBT community. It topped the charts in the US, UK and dozens of other countries and is still a dance floor and wedding disco favourite.

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