Fury in fresh doping investigation

Tyson Fury
NEWLY crowned WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury’s future is looking unclear as an investigation into doping claims has been re-opened after new evidence has arisen. He failed a drugs test, along with his boxer cousin Hughie back in 2015, after both tested positive for nandrolone. The pair’s defence team said that this had been caused by eating male wild boar meat with farmer Martin Carefoot citing he had supplied them with the meat. Nandrolone is a steroid which occurs naturally in large quantities in uncastrated pigs and boars. However, now Mr Carefoot has told the “Mail on Sunday” that he lied about this after being promised £25,000 to give false testimony. “I have never kept wild boar. I have never killed a wild boar” he told the Mail journalist. The farmer seems to have come forward after not being paid the £25,000 he was promised. In 2017 UKAD, the anti-doping agency for the sport, gave Fury a two year ban, controversially backdated meaning he did not lose his world title. They have now re-opened their investigation, believed to be on the back of the new evidence although UKAD will not comment further on the case. The Fury team strenuously deny the allegations calling Mr Carefoot a known liar.

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