Charity donations dumped

  • 4 years ago
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AN investigation has opened about how several tons of clothing donated for charity relief by the public have ended up being dumped in an abandoned warehouse in the Basque Country. A rural environment protection association has denounced the firm responsible for collecting the clothing, which was tracked to the remote warehouse in the Navarra region. They were originally collected in special containers in towns across the region, where they were then supposed to be passed on to the needy or recycled depending on the condition. However, it is alleged that the transportation company has been simply dumping the clothing since at least November. After an investigation the police intercepted one of their trucks, returning from the site where it is believed the clothing was offloaded. Ekotrade, the company in charge of the scheme, has blamed hauliers not connected to the charity that they use as subcontractors. The driver of the truck which was stopped admitted to dumping the clothes but said that this was “an accident.” However, it is clear from the volume of clothes that there have been numerous similar incidents.

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