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ARRIVED AT PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS: Foreigners who bought houses on Spain’s Costa Blanca

According to notary data, sales in 2021 were just 4% lower than in 2019. THE number of non-Spanish property buyers in Costa Blanca came back to pre-pandemic levels previous year. A report from the Association of Notaries shows there were 21,458 homes sold to foreigners in 2021 - 4% less than there were in 2019. An estimated 48,134 sales were recorded in Alicante province last year. A typical...


Dave Greenfield, has died at the age of 71 after contracting coronavirus.

THE keyboard player with seminal punk band The Stranglers, Dave Greenfield, has died at the age of 71 after contracting coronavirus. The band burst into the UK punk scene in the late 70s, although many argue that they were more a forerunner of the 80s new wave movement than true punks. The Guildford four piece were all competent musicians and songwriters in their own right for a start as opposed to punk...


Rent freeze in the UK on the table

A minimum of three month suspension of rent for private tenants struggling financially during the current crisis has been proposed in the UK amongst fears that many are falling through the safety net of economic measures. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) said that at least 1.2 million people could fall into severe financial hardship due to job losses and wage cuts, and even with available credits over 5...

Coronavirus lockdown end for tourists?

EUROPEAN Union member states are meeting today to discuss when to reopen their beaches and cities to tourists, assuming that the coronavirus crisis recovery stays on track. The meeting is being held by video conferencing but does not include the UK who are in the transitional period of leaving the EU. It is thought that Greece and Austria, both relatively unaffected by the virus, want to open to...


Germans unhappy at Balearic travel ban

WHILE the British generally choose the Costas for their new homes in Spain, the German’s have had a long love affair with the Balearic Islands and Mallorca in particular, even referring to it as the “17th German state”. However, this relationship is being put under pressure as those not currently on the island have been told they cannot come to visit their holiday homes this summer season due to the...


Another airline bites the dust

AIR Mauritius went into voluntary administration today (Thursday 23 April), the second airline to do so this week following Virgin Australia’s announcement on Tuesday. The board of directors met on Wednesday and made the decision at the same meeting, blaming the Covid-19 crisis for tipping their finances over the edge due to“a complete erosion of the company’s revenue base.” The airline is...


Economic stability facing their worst slump in four decades

COUNTRIES that seemed finally to have been on the verge of finding some form of economic stability are suddenly facing their worst slump in four decades, according to the World Bank. South Asian states such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are some of the most populated – and poorest – in the world.  However slow but steady progress has been made in the last 40 years or so with tourism, IT...


Saudi Arabia beheads ‘al-Qaeda extremist

THE Saudi Arabian authorities have confirmed that a man who stabbed four actors from a Malaga troupe performing in the country has been executed by the state. Last November Emad Abdelqawi al Mansuri, a 33-year-old Yemeni national, stormed the stage in the Saudi capital of Riyadh where the group were performing as part of a larger cultural programme of events.His face was covered and he read out a short...


Dog killed after Police sanctions threat

A man has been arrested in Palencia (Castile y Leon) after throwing his dog off a third floor balcony during an altercation with the police. The 33-year-old had been found outside walking the streets without justification that same day, the latest of a number of similar infractions regarding confinement. Police had come to his home to discuss this matter and his mother warned them that he had psychiatric...

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