BREXIT deadline moves closer are the Brits ready in Spain?

The suspension of residency appointments across some of the regions of Spain today may be due to the transition from issuing the residencia which is the green card that foreign residents currently have for the new TIE photo ID being introduced specifically for Brits to get before 31 December BREXIT transition deadline. Citizens advice Spain suggest that those needing appointments should still try. It was reported that there were no appointments showing for Malaga, Cadiz, Jaen or the Balearic Islands, although in Alicante it showed available appointments exclusively for (Reino UNIDO) UK  TIE application. Citizens advice Spain warned that there are no guarantees that available appointments will not be cancelled. So what is the case for those who still don’t have their residency status in order for living in Spain post BREXIT? is running out with only half of the year left, after having more than three months lost due to the COVID-19 lockdown what will the situation be for the British people who want to remain living in Spain and those who potentially want to move to Spain ?

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