Authorities in Andalucia have ordered the evacuation of 2,000 people as they battle a wildfire.

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Approximately 2,000 people have been evacuated in southern Spain due to concerns that the warmer weather could exacerbate flames.

Almost 1,000 firemen, military soldiers, and support workers have been dispatched to tackle a blaze in the Andalusia area.

The operation takes place as Spain's AEMET meteorological office warns that the country may be approaching a heat wave. Over the weekend, temperatures were far beyond 30°C.

According to the Andalucian Forest Fire Extinction Service (Infoca), the fire has burnt 2,150 hectares of mountain territory so far, and officials are hopeful that a change in wind direction on Thursday would aid emergency responders.

After a fire broke out on Wednesday amid strong winds, three firemen were hurt. One victim had serious burns covering 25% of their body.

Officials reported that people were evacuated as just a precaution from five separate places around the province of Malaga, with the majority taking refuge with relatives or in local hotels.

On Twitter, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez offered his "solidarity and support with the afflicted residents."

Authorities claimed that Spain's Emergency Military Unit, which is tasked with assisting civilian forces in catastrophic emergencies, sent 233 people and more than 80 vehicles to the region.

As per Infoca and the Andalucia regional administration, crews attempted to take advantage of cooler temperatures and also more humid conditions overnight, which caused the flames to die down.

Rugged terrain made entry to the fire difficult, but seven water-dropping helicopters, as well as a coordinating plane, were on standby.

Last year, Spain's deadliest wildfire devastated over 10,000 hectares in the same area, inland from Marbella's seaside vacation town. One fireman perished in the wildfire, which took 46 days to put out.

Wildfires and catastrophic storms, according to scientists, are becoming more prevalent as a result of global warming.

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