Adults exercise in Spain 49 days after lockdown

Adults are allowed to do exercise

The first day of permitted excersise for adults in Spain since March 14, seven weeks ago. This morning from 6am until 10am the mass of cyclists and runners took to the streets and seafronts of Spain. A historic day as the country continues to withdraw from the coronavirus with the most draconian period of time since the country was led by the dictatorship of Franco.

Other European countries also start to announce the thier stratergy in the unlocking of restrictions, ahead of the UK  Spain have planned a 4 phase system to ease into the new normaility as described by Spains primeminister Perdo Sanchez.

By breakfast time this morning, thousands of cyclists had taken to a five-mile footpath in Barcelona known as the La Carretera de les Aigues – Road of the Waters in English – making it difficult to maintain social distancing guidelines.

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