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Brexit negotiations head to a last-minute deal

By Sofia MartinezBelgium is currently the center point for more than being added to the UK's list of high-risk quarantine countries, but it is a place that masks are now compulsory in public places, as it becomes increasingly difficult to see light at the end of the...

Brexit Expat Facts. Not Fiction

Brexit Expat Facts. Not FictionBy Alex TrelinskiThe best part of four years on from the June 2016 referendum, when British voters chose to leave the European Union, Brexit is real that on Friday January 31st 2020 the Withdrawal Agreement kicks in. There will be no...


BrexitCitizens advice over Brexit and the year ahead DOING BUSINESS: When doing any official business you need a residencia certificate, and make sure that that you take the original and not a copy, PERMANENT RESIDENTS (five years or more legally resident). Make an...

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