What is going on with the coronavirus in Spain?

What is going on with the coronavirus in Spain? Every day at 11.30am, the public in Spain are updated on the Covid-19 crisis, from the information being given to the public it seems to be by far away from the real picture. The latest figures of cases, deaths and hospitalisation do not reflect the true number of infections or fatalities in the country. Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, professor of preventive medicine says it is it possible to slow the pandemic without knowing how many people are infected, but it is also important to have more precise figures. We need to know how to modify the measures that have been taken, such as social distancing, respiratory etiquette and hygiene. For now the best figure to go by is the number of hospital admissions, and that this is what guides specialists when it comes time to make decisions. Since the local transmission of the coronavirus began to increase, the ability to test suspected cases has reduced, meaning that only serious cases are tested. That’s why experts believe the number of confirmed cases could be 10 times higher than what has been reported.  A study from Imperial College London estimates that up to seven million people in Spain could be infected. Coronavirus deaths do not reflect all fatalities caused by the disease, those who have died in their homes or in senior residences without being tested for Covid-10 are not included in the official coronavirus death toll and there are no official figures on how many seniors have died in care homes a number that could be in the thousands. The government in Spain do report how many people have tested positive and negative for Covid-19, figures that other countries do provide, the public have no idea how many tests have been done in Spain. Every so often, the Health Ministry reports how many health workers have tested positive since the beginning of the outbreak but the number of health workers who are in isolation because they have contracted the coronavirus are also unknown.

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