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Half of the animals surrendered in to shelters in 2021 have been adopted

90% of the cats and dogs who have been saved from Spanish shelters have found loving, forever homes. Unfortunately, Spain has one of the highest rates of animal abandonment in Europe, but a report by the Affinity Foundation indicates that adoption rates have increased to 51% of all cats and dogs that shelters received in 2021 or were picked up by them. The good news for our furry companions is that...

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Comforts for creatures: Renting a property in Spain with pets? Here are the rules

Pet owners in Spain are confused about the new animal protection law.The new protection legislation, which was approved in October of last year and amended in August, had also gone further than ever to make sure that our furry friends are recognised as "living beings endowed with sensitivity" and are therefore considered to be family members.Spain is well known for being a country of animal...

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