passengers passed through Spain's airports

In September 2022, 24,881,291 passengers passed through Spain’s airports

The Spanish Airports and Air Navigation network (AENA) ended September with 91.7% more passengers than the same month in 2019. In September 2022, the AENA network's airports closed with 24,881,291 passengers. This number represents an 8.3 percentage point decline from pre-pandemic levels, indicating that 91.7% of the traffic seen in September 2019 has already recovered. Additionally, 209,069...

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Manchester to Spain flight takes off without ANY of its luggage

An ENTIRE flight's worth of luggage was left behind in the UK, leaving passengers travelling from Manchester to Spain stranded without their things. Due to "the absence of handling agents from our handling supplier," the Iberia Express aircraft to Madrid from Manchester Airport on Sunday (September 11) took off without any luggage, according to the airline. But according to passengers the Manchester...

Airport Queue

While EU travellers fly through arrivals, British travellers are stuck in huge lines at Spanish airports.

AS they fly by British holidaymakers queuing for passport checks, EU travellers have been given 'looks that kill.' British tourists face long lines when they get to their destination, in addition to dealing with travel difficulties at multiple UK airports. According to social media complaints, some travellers have also had to wait 3 hours in Spain to get past passport control. Long queues have...

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