Spain talks about re-opening of bars and restaurants

THE president of the Spanish Hostelry Association has hit out at pessimistic government comments regarding the countries re-opening of bars and restaurants and has put forward suggestions that may even see them opening as early as June. Jose Luis Yzuel said this week that Labour Minister Yolanda Diez’ comments about bars, cafes, and pubs possibly not being able to open this year was irresponsible and regrettable. “A company cannot consider being closed for nine months. It is unfeasible because, even if they have no income, the business has to keep paying bills every month, such as electricity, water, gas etc.” he continued. If they open any time soon then social distancing will need to be followed strictly, he stressed. Mr Yzuel also anticipated hostelries meeting a series of requirements which could include the installation of thermal cameras to detect who had a fever, an early sign of the virus. Bathrooms would have to be spotless and well stocked with hand gels and so forth, all staff would need to be tested for Covid-19 and other measures enforced such as through cleaning of air conditioning, a possible way of the virus spreading.

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