SPAIN´S former PSOE Socialist party leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, was buried on Saturday, after he died last on Friday aged 67 after suffering a stroke..
Rubalcaba was admitted to a hospital in Majadahonda near Madrid in a serious condition two days earlier.
Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who succeeded Rubalcaba as party leader in 2014, immediately took to social media to mourn "a statesman (whose) whole life was dedicated to the service of his country".
Rubalcaba spent five years as Spain´s interior minister, and oversaw a major crackdown on the Basque terrorist group ETA.
He also led the PSOE into the 2011 general election, where the party was defeated by the Partido Popular in a landslide.
Sanchez led past and present prime minsters and various political leaders as well as King Felipe and ex monarch, King Carlos, in paying tribute at the lying in state of Rubalcaba´s coffin at the Congress building on Saturday, before a private funeral.

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