THE British Embassy in Madrid has said that there will be no immediate change to a TIE(Foreigners´ Identity Card) for British nationals who have a residencia certificate or card, adding that no action is needed “for now”.

Embassy officials said that they had received a number of queries about when the switch will happen, but they stated that the current residencia documents will remain valid, even after the Brexit transition period ends at the end of the year.

They revealed that Spanish authorities are consulting with the European Commission over producing a new TIE card aimed at properly certified UK nationals living in Spain, and that the card would “explicitly state” that the holder has rights under the Withdrawal Agreement that kicked in at the end of January.

The Embassy via their “Brits in Spain” Facebook page said:-”Once the TIE card is introduced, anyone who applies to register as a resident during the transition period, will be issued with the new TIE.”

“Anyone who holds a green certificate will have the right to request this TIE, but there will be no deadline for current green certificate holders to switch to a TIE, so there is no need to panic”.

For the time being, anybody putting in for residency will still be issued with the green certificate, with the Embassy urging people to get officially registered as living in Spain, as soon as possible.

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