Madrid man arrested after posting on Facebook he had Covid-19

policia nacional
A 23-year-old Madrid man has been arrested in Daimus (between Oliva and Gandia) after posting various posts on Facebook boasting of how he had “escaped” Madrid despite having Covid-19. The messages were picked up by alarmed locals who became even less endeared to him after he described the Gandia area as “a pig farm.” He wrote that despite having mild symptoms he had travelled from Madrid as all hospitals there were full. He saw the situation as a win-win, saying if he remained healthy, he would continue to enjoy walks along the beach (clearly in contravention of lockdown rules) and if he became ill and hospitalised, they were much quieter down here. The posts were reported to the Guardia Civil who, by going through his profile, was able to quickly establish who he was and where he was staying.  His “win-win” plan appears to have backfired as he was arrested on Wednesday by Oliva police while in Daimus. In another incident in the region a man has been arrested in Elche after being sanctioned 32 times since the State of Alarm started. He was travelling with another man and unable to adequately explain his reason for being out and they were both detained for serious disobedience. The second man had three sanctions for similar incidents.

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