Landslide fears unaddressed

AFTER the landslide caused by the heavy rains last month, residents on part of the Balcon al Mar urbanisation have said that up to 35 properties are “in imminent danger of being buried due to landslides, much of it caused by construction that has undermined the cliffs.”  On 22 April huge boulders, stones and mud slid down the cliffs, blocking Calle Pierre Boulez, the only exit point for 45 properties and their occupants.  The town council unblocked the road but a large pile of rubble and debris is still in place on the side of the street.   Regarding the danger of future incidents, a petition has been started demanding that all construction in the area be stopped until the risks are properly assessed by an independent company. This includes anything such as demolition work, excavations and major renovations likely to increase the chances of slides and rockfalls.

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