Importance of learning Spanish for coming to Spain


If you're thinking of moving to sunny Spain more permanently and you're under retirement age, chances are you'll need to work. The job market in Spain is complex, as is the bureaucracy and paperwork involved in finding a job, so knowing the jargon is a huge advantage.

Given that it is a popular destination for English-speaking expats, many newcomers mistakenly believe that if they have sufficient qualifications and experience, they can get by in their native language and easily find a well-paying job.

Non-Spanish expats can often find jobs in the hospitality industry, especially in more touristy coastal areas, but these jobs tend to be low-paying and often dry up during the winter months.

The reality, however, is that in July, Spain had the highest unemployment rate in the EU at 12.6%, double the average.

For this reason anyone looking for a more lucrative job in a qualifying occupation make the effort to learn Spanish, even if it's just the basics at first.

Key Benefits of Speaking Spanish for the Job Market

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Searching for a job can be daunting, and when you arrive, there seem to be a lot of job seekers looking for work for a very limited number of jobs. Speaking Spanish casts a net more than the usual bar jobs or English classes that low-paid expats rely on, and opens doors to respected national companies that many of your compatriots don't see. exist.

Reduce paperwork

Aside from the hassle and complicated visa process depending on where you are from, once you arrive in Spain, the fun of the paperwork really begins. Everyone who lives here has to pay taxes, negotiate a lease or a mortgage, register with the electricity and water company… These tedious but necessary tasks are part of moving to a new country, but the Spanish bureaucracy may It's a minefield and if you don't speak the language, you may feel overwhelmed.

It helps build relationships

Spanish is the second most native language in the world, but it is also true that many Spaniards, especially the younger generation, are also fluent in English. Having said that, Spaniards are generally friendly and welcoming, and foreigners always seem to be really happy when they at least try to communicate in their language. Being able to converse with colleagues in their native language will help you build stronger relationships and expand the reach of your professional network.

Language is an essential element of any country, and the nuances of language can speak to a country's culture, history, and general mood. Learning Spanish will not only improve your job prospects and better prepare you for your career, but it will also enrich your journey through your new life in Spain.

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