Coronavirus hits hard for Spanish drug sellers

AS anyone out on the street at the moment is going to stand out more than ever, drug dealers and others who prefer the anonymity of crowds are having to find ways to evade the problem. Dog walking is a common cover, and this week a 39-year-old man was arrested in Madrid after being seen stopping to sell drugs while out with the pet pooch. A body search found six grams of hashish wrapped and ready for sale plus envelopes of cash. A couple were arrested in Mallorca after using a baby in a pram as their cover to deal in narcotics and in the same region three men were also arrested. They had been going door to door pretending to distribute food but were dropping off drugs to “regulars”. Despite these events, the police believe the vast majority of dealers are keeping their heads down until after the crisis has passed, judging the current situation too risky for their illicit activities.

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