Andalusia youths arrested during lockdown

two youths have been arrested in Algeciras (Andalusia) for setting up a WhatsApp group encouraging violence against the police in the town. The group had accused the police of being brutal in their handling of possible lockdown breaches and asked people to respond in a similar fashion. Use of weapons such as sticks and pepper spray was mentioned to “fight fire with fire”. Police investigated the group,...

Prositiution Spain

Child among trafficked women

A search for a young woman who was reported missing in her home country of Colombia, ended with her being located in Cordoba (Andalusia) at the weekend. The Spanish National Police were contacted by their Colombian counterparts who had reason to believe she was in Spain. She had been promised work in a beauty parlour here but had not been heard from since. The operation located her in a property in Cordoba...


TWO BRITISH men have been reported as missing after arriving on the Costa del Sol at the end of March. Father and son Daniel and Liam Poole from Burgess Hill in West Sussex, went to Malaga on March 31st and hired a grey Peugeot 308, but that has not been returned to the firm it was loaned from. Police in both Spain and the UK are liaising over their disappearance, which is said to be totally out of...

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