Brits stranded in Spain

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THE British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, stated this week that as many as a million British citizens that would like to return to the UK are still abroad – and many may have to stay there for the foreseeable future. This figure doesn’t include UK residents of other countries but people travelling for leisure, work or other reasons. He confessed that the exact number is not known as the number of British abroad at one time is not logged but could be as high as a million and as low as 400,000. Here in Spain places such as Benidorm are ordering hotels to close and Brits are scrabbling for flights, but not all will make it for various reasons. People on cruises and those working all over the globe may also struggle to get back, especially if they are in places where the British only go in small numbers. Mr Raab has ruled out repatriation flights being laid on by the government and has stated that British stranded abroad may have to stay where they are. “If people can stay safely in the countries where they are for a period, I think that’s a choice they will have to think very seriously about” he said this week. The foreign office is being flooded with enquiries in their “hundreds of thousands” he said, including 28,000 from Malaga on Wednesday alone.

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