Arrests after numerous employee abuse claims

A couple have been arrested in Castellon after being accused of several breaches of workers rights and other crimes. The staff, who worked in a hotel run by the suspects, were kept in cramped conditions above the establishment and forced to work up to 70 hours a week.
Some had no social security details, residencia or work contracts and the police say that the room where they lived had an escape route to allow them to flee if the authorities investigated. They also allege that the management had been falsifying work schedules to show that 40 hours or less had been worked rather than the illegal 60 or 70 the staff were being forced to carry out. One employee had gone over 24 months without having two successive days off work, again illegal under Spanish employment law. The investigation was carried out by the immigration unit of the National Police and the Labour Inspectorate in a joint operation. By Simon Russell

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