Tourists from the UK voted Spain the best value vacation destination

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DESPITE being far from the cheapest, UK travellers have picked Spain as the best-value abroad destination.

In a poll of more than 2,000 individuals conducted by Post Office Travel Money, it received 92 % of the vote. Separate research found that Spanish resorts were also significantly more expensive than the cheapest options.

The Canary Islands came in second with a score of 91 percent, and Greece came in third with a score of 89 percent.

With 88 %, Turkey and Portugal, that has the lowest cost of living in Western Europe, tied for fourth place.

Mexico was the top-ranked long-haul destination, with an 80 % rating.

The Scandinavian nations came in last with 42 %, which is lower than Dubai's traditionally high prices.

Bulgaria, which is often seen as a desirable low-cost vacation, came in 12th place.

Despite a wide range of low-cost lodging and dining alternatives, as well as a weak currency, Vietnam had a low score of 59 %.

Because the survey was confined to the 26 most popular countries to visit, cheaper off-the-beaten-path spots may have been overlooked.

In fact, depending with their own research into local rates, Post Office Travel Money has established a separate list of 36 resort regions.

The cost of a three-course evening dinner for two, including wine, bottle of beer, glass of wine, a can of Coca-Cola, big bottle of still water, cup of coffee, sun cream, and bug repellent, was used to determine the ranking.

Marmaris, Turkey, came out on top with £26.13, followed by Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, with £26.19.

Both places outshone the next cheapest, the lovely Algarve area of Portugal, where the identical basket of items cost £44.39.

Costa del Sol, Spain, came in sixth place with £59.56.

Grand Baie in Mauritius came in the bottom, costing £72.59 – over three times as much as Turkey and Bulgaria.

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