The Carnival is coming!

IN common with many towns, villages and cities across Spain, Calpe will be celebrating “Carnaval” this weekend. The main location is Plaza Mayor and the outdoor bar service opens at midday where well-priced drinks will be available for all. From 1 pm local band Xaranga Bataclan will be playing and at 5 pm is the highlight for many, the children’s parade. From 7 pm there is a DJ playing a set and at 10 pm there is the awards ceremony for the best costumes. The individual/couples first prize is €200 with €100 for the runner-up. The prizes for groups (5+ people) are €450 to the winners then €250 and €100 for second and third. Contact your local town hall for details about your own municipalities’ celebrations. One of the biggest events in the area is usually at Pego, which has people from all over Spain travelling down for the weekend.

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