More Cases Of Monkeypox Likely Who Warns

Spain has issued a monkeypox warning after more than 50 people show symptoms

ACCORDING to the health ministry, instances have yet to be confirmed and follow the detection of a viral illness in the United Kingdom and Portugal. Spain's health officials have issued a warning about a suspected monkeypox epidemic after more than 50 people displayed symptoms consistent with the virus illness, which has already been found in the UK and Portugal. The health ministry said that the...

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Spain may soon enable women to take menstruation leave, making it the first European country to do so

SPAIN might be the first Western country to offer women suffering from severe menstruation discomfort three days of paid leave every month. The reform, which is part of a larger draught bill on reproductive health and abortion rights, is expected to be approved at the Cabinet meeting next Tuesday — but government sources told Spanish outlet El Pas, that the draught is "not definite" and subject to...

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