Stopping the pot in Pego

THE Local Police and Guardia Civil have carried out two raids on suspected drug dealers and growers in the small Marina Alta town of Pego. A 57 year old man was arrested at the end of last week for supplying marijuana to people, including minors. His home was raided and police found about 2,300 grams of marijuana, 17 bags ready for sale, just over thousand euros in cash and a shotgun. 

In the second operation three men, all Spanish nationals, were arrested after large amounts of marijuana was found being cultivated in a house in Pego they were renting. They are all Oliva residents and appeared to have rented the property specifically to grow the drug. They have also been charged with stealing electricity, used to power the various heat lamps and other equipment required to grow the product. Police have not said at this stage if there is any link between the two operations.

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