Spanish Government confirmed that UK driving licence holders have until 30 April 2022

Driving In Spain

The Ambassador's recent message as the Spanish Government confirmed an extension of the current grace period for the recognition of the UK driving licences means that those of you who were living in Spain before 1 January 2021 can continue to drive in Spain with your valid UK driving licence until 30 April 2022.

For those who moved to Spain after 1 January 2021, your licence will be recognised for six months from the date your obtained residence, or until 30 April 2022, whichever is later.

For those of you who registered your intention to exchange your licence with the DGT before 30 December 2020, but have not yet done so, you have until 30 April to request an appointment.

It is again said that the Ambassador is continuing his negotiations to reach a long-term agreement with Spain to enable UK licence holders to exchange their licences without taking a test.

It is essential not to wait for the outcome of the ongoing negotiations and to apply for a Spanish driving licence now without having to take both a practical and theory test.

You can find out more about the process on the DGT site, where the information is also available in English:

Visitors can continue to use their UK licence to drive in Spain without the need for an International Driving Permit. (

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