Checking in on the most vulnerable

THE Town Council in Calpe has started an operation to check on the welfare of 3,000 of their potentially most vulnerable citizens during the ongoing health crisis. Those on the list are all registered at the “Mare de Deu de les Neus” civic centre for the elderly. Their contact details will be given to a network of volunteers who will phone them regularly to check on their wellbeing and ask if they have any other requirements. The service started on Wednesday (25 March) but may need to be extended so that people in need do not slip through the net. Of particular concern is the large population of elderly foreign residents, with the language barrier being an issue, not just English but Dutch, German, French, Italian and Arabic plus multiple others. The council has been in touch with various foreign resident associations in the Marina Alta town, looking for volunteers to help out, preferably native language speakers. Issues such as loneliness will also be addressed, possibly by using platforms such as Skype.

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