Vox in another social media storm

FAR right political party Vox is in trouble again for having misused social media, this time an image of a deserted Gran Via in Madrid. The Spanish equivalent of Oxford Street, Gran Via is usually packed with tourists and locals, doing everything from shopping to theatre visits on the famous 7k long road. The Vox image shows an images of the street with just a solitary delivery driver on it. They have posted photoshopped images of hundreds of coffins lining the road to illustrate the impact of the government’s inaction on coronavirus. However, it has transpired that the photo was taken in 2016 by well-known artist and photographer Ignacio Pereira, as part of his series Kenopsia featuring empty streets in iconic locations around the world. Back then the street would have people on it 24 hours a day and he made the image by taking dozens of photos of the same spot and overlaying them, gradually taking out parts that had people on them. He has asked Vox to immediately take down the image as they are breaching his copyright and using it for political purposes. Vox has previously posted falsehoods about the nationality of rapists and thieves to stir up their ultra-right-wing support base - among other social media manipulation.

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