Spain’s empty roads this Easter

Spain’s empty roads this Easter, respect for the restrictions in place as travel to second homes was a myth. Despite fears in tourist towns, there has been no evidence of mass arrivals of visitors to second homes in Spain. Lockdown checkpoints for Easter seem to of worked across the country, there were more than 10,000 checkpoints to maintain the restrictions in place and to ensure that people were not travelling ahead of the Easter weekend. Concrete blocks installed at the roads leading to some towns and coastal resorts. Marbella, was one of the areas amongst other towns across the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava. Almost all of the traffic jams seen on the exit roads out of main cities such as Madrid earlier this week were due to Police checkpoints. According to the general secretary for transport, María José Rallo there were a total of 3,090 drivers were fined on Thursday for breaking the confinement measures, a figure that tallies with the average daily number of such sanctions imposed since the state of alarm was introduced on March 14. A statement from the Guardia Civil was made to say that “we want to inform you that we categorically refute the information that is appearing on certain social media profiles denouncing the mass arrival of visitors and tourists to areas, people want to believe something that is not real” said a spokesperson from the Guardia Civil Guard.

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