Spain positive news, children play and deaths drop

THE lowest number of deaths in Spain in the last 24 hours Sunday April 26 as the latest reports confirm a sharp drop from coronavirus are 288 the lowest number since the spike of the crisis reported 980 deaths in 24 hours.  Lockdown rules change today. in the biggest easing of lockdown restrictions in Spain to date, children will now be allowed to leave their house to get some fresh air and exercise, although their movements are still strictly regulated. After confusion among the initial proposals, which allowed them to accompany an adult to the supermarket or bank, kids aged between 0 and 14 are now allowed to leave the house for up to an hour a day from this Sunday 26 April. They must be accompanied by an adult (18 years+) who can take up to three children with them. This can only be within a kilometre of the property where they are living during the confinement and must be between 9am and 9pm. They can take toys such as scooters or footballs but must not play with children they are not living with. They will also be allowed to walk in communal areas in places such as urbanisations, as long as the overall community agree to this. Parks, beaches etc. remain closed and kids will not be able to enter them or play with other youngsters. Normal social distancing rules must be observed at all times. Other rules to be relaxed are reported to be from next weekend May 2 when adults and family will be allowed out to excersise or walks, the news is welcomed as the lockdown now enters the seventh week. The moves have been brought about after a wave of protests in Spain about the physical and mental health of younger children who have effectively been imprisoned at home for six weeks. The new guidelines were passed alongside the new bill officially extending confinement to 9 May.

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