Mercadona continues success story

VALENCIAN based supermarket giant Mercadona, now Spain’s largest in the sector, has announced plans to hire 2,000 new staff after posting strong profits in 2019. Sales hit 25.5 billion euros last year, an increase of 5%, while profits also rose by 5% to 623 million euros. Founder and President Juan Roig announced the figures on Tuesday and said that in 2020 he hopes to increase sales further to 26.5 billion and increase the workforce to 92,000 from the current levels of 90,000. There are now 1,600 Mercadona outlets in Spain, many of which were radically (and expensively) overhauled in 2017 and 2018 and which are now showing the benefits. Investments in 2020 include new stores, reforms of existing ones and an upgrade of their digital presence including home delivery. There will also be an increased focus on sustainability and reduction in plastics, with a target of 25% less use of the latter by 2025.

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