We work with a network of local, independent Funeral Directors meaning you and your loved ones always have support close by.
Our pre-paid funeral plans are guaranteed to fix the cost of the services included in your plan regardless of how long you live.
All arrangements are in place, so you’ll be remembered exactly the way you want to be and your family can focus on celebrating your life, without having to worry about the complicated Spanish funeral system.
Our funeral planning experts have put together our Expat and Repatriation plans which are tailored to suit you as an expat.
The money you pay into your plan is held in an independent UK Trust and managed by leading financial professionals, so you can relax knowing that you’ll get the funeral you paid for when it’s needed.
As well as being the UK’s most trusted provider on Trustpilot, we’re also the Best Funeral Plan Provider, after thousands of votes by consumers at the Personal Finance Awards.

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