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We were born after having previous business relationships between a number of companies that have a common interest of giving useful and important information to British people living or visiting Spain.

The information that most people need to live, work and also for many Brits that have second homes in Spain became even more important because of BREXIT. The demand from expats in Spain to get the correct advice and information to find out what the implications are in the future post BREXIT.

EXPAT INFO.es have organised and managed a number of seminars during

2019 by bringing together professional speakers who have the knowledge and are able to offer expert advice based on their individual business sector. The speakers include the founder of Citizens Advice Spain “Myra Azzopardi is a qualified and registered paralegal Q.Inst.

EXPAT INFO.es have seen the demand to continue to hold seminars in popular areas of the Spanish coast. These events are scheduled throughout 2020 and will be advertised to the public in advance. The events planned after the rules of the coronavirus restrictions are removed will be held allowing for social distancing and also to maximize the opportunity to have the seminars outside.

The information offered by Expat Info is extended across the categories that effect British people in Spain, legal advice and information about living in Spain. Financial information and the opportunity to engage with advisors for some of the most popular expat services.