Renting Your Spanish Home

By Sofia Martinez

If you only live for part of the year in your Spanish property, then an excellent way of boosting your income is to rent out your home for tourists.

The big point is that it must be done legally by getting a Tourist License from the government, and since it can be a complex bit of business, we can act on your behalf in applying forthe tourist license.

Crucially, if you are renting out and do not have a license, then you are breaking the law, and inspectors are checking on websites where properties are being advertised and have not registered with the authorities.

There have been many reports of this happening, so don´t gamble by being an illegal landlord.

It is compulsory for all holiday lets to be registered.

To keep it brief, the Valencian regional rules say that “tourist rentals are properties of any type that are rented out regularly in exchange for money, with immediate availability, and with the aim of fulfilling accommodation needs for tourism, holidays, or leisure”. 

There are different gradings for the type of property that you let out, namely Superior, Premier, and Standard.

You will also have to pay tax on the rental income that you get, but we will sort that aspect out for you, and then you can get the money coming in, and you can sit back and relax wherever you are living!

Here are the stages that you need to get the Tourist License: 

  1. Get an assessment of your property and see what you exactly need.
  2. Apply to the Town Hall for the compatibility certificate
  3. After obtaining the compatibility certificate, apply to the local government to get the rental license

For example, if you are renting out your property, you will have to put up a sign close to the front door, with the registration number on it.

If you take a booking, then you must get some internet access codes from the police, so that you can fill in the details of the guests that will be staying.

The laws on Tourist Rentals also demand a certain standard of accommodation for what you are letting out in terms of the description and the category like Standard that me mentioned earlier.

An added twist as well is that different standards also apply if you want to let out a property in a rural area!

There are clearly many potential pitfalls if you try and go through all the different stages of getting a Tourist License.

Keeping your holiday letting under the radar is not a good idea, and don´t listen to people offering you an easy fix at your local bar, or just giving you the wrong details and bad advice.


Don´t plough on without the right advice and experts behind you.