Emergency Numbers In Spain

By Sofia Martinez

For any kind of emergencies such as:

  • Health issues
  • Physical aggression
  • Car accidents
  • Fire
  • Robbery

You must dial 112.

The staff at 112 usually speak enough English to assist people on the phone. However, they may not understand your accent or any local words and expressions from your country of origin.

Therefore, if possible, please try not to speak very fast andandget to the point quickly. It’s the best way to guarantee that 112 will understand what happens and where the assistance is required.

Let’s review three common issues where you should call 112 immediately.

1. Health problems

They can happen to anybody. We all know this. Some health issues that would require immediate treatment could be:

  • Gastric complications
  • Heart attack
  • Strokes
  • Severe fever
  • Broken bones

If you feel any symptoms that could be related to a stroke or a heart attack, don’t wait to book an appointment with your GP. Call 112.

In case you are near a hospital or medical centre, a family member could take you there. Sometimes, it can be quicker to use our own car than to wait for an ambulance.

2. Robbery

Whether somebody breaks into your house, or a pickpocket steals your wallet, call 112. The police will go in person. There might be cameras around that are useful for the police to identify the robbers.

Afterwards you will have to report the robbery either at the National Police or the Guardia Civil.As a reminder:

Spanish National police (Policía Nacional): This police force is usually in cities or big towns.

Guardia Civil: This police force is also national, and is located smaller towns, villages and countryside areas.

3. Car accident

To be on the safe side, if you have a car accident, even if it’s a small one, call 112. The emergency services will send the police or an ambulance if required.

The way we usually solve small accidents is through something called ‘ParteAmistoso’ (it could be translated as ‘friendly report’).

This report is something both parties must fill out, sign, and take to their corresponding insurance companies.

Call 112, even if you’re in the middle of a traffic jam or a crowded roundabout. If it’s a serious accident, the 112 staff will coordinate the appropriate emergency services (police, firefighters, paramedics, ambulance and doctors, etc).

Useful Resources

Here are the official websites of theorganisations we mentioned in this article. The DGT website could be an interesting source of driving and traffic matters.

112 – Spanish emergency phone number

Official Website: http://www.112.es/

Telephone Number: 112

Spanish National Police

Official Website: https://www.policia.es/