Citizens advice over Brexit and the year ahead


When doing any official business you need a residencia certificate, and make sure that that you take the original and not a copy,


(five years or more legally resident). Make an appointment to have the wording permanent added to your residencia certificate if it is not already written in. This will make updating your status prospects it more simple.


If you’re not able to make an appointment for your residency status before January 31st, collect all documentation that shows that you have been residing in Spain. If you are not already registered on the padron (town hall census), then  do so immediately.

If any children are not already registered, but their parents are, then registration should be completed as soon as possible.


For example, if you are a state pensioner, then this should have been done via the UK through an S1 form.

If you are self-employed or employed, then you should be registered under the Spanish social security system.

If you are unemployed, then you should check to see that you are still covered for healthcare.

If you lived in Spain before 2012, then you are also covered by law. To check your entitlements use the search box on the Citizens   Advice Spain website.


If you are a UK driving license holder who has lived in Spain for more than two years, then you should contact the DGT to make an application to for a Spanish permit before January 31st

Full details in English plus s link to the DGT website in English can be found on our website Brexit link.

If you hold a Spanish license, then you should check it to make sure that it is still valid in terms of date.


If you are not retired and not in employment and not getting unemployment benefit, then unless you have sufficient money set aside, you should sign on for work. This will be beneficial when it eventually comes to when it will come to replacing the residencia certificate  for the TIE foreigners card.


De facto partners who are not registered as such, should put together details that they have been in a stable relationship for at least two years if there are no children from their partnerships.

END OF THE YEAR, expats in Spain will have until the end of the transition period at the end of December to get everything sorted out in making sure they have a residencia.

It´s not impossible that the time period could be extended, but at the moment the end of the year is the cut-off point.


Check out all the facts on the Citizens Advice Spain website, and go to the Facebook page, CAB Spain.